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We are often asked "where can I find a course on surviving in the bush in Australia?" So we have compiled this listing of all the courses we know of to help point you in the right direction.


If you are a business specialising in or offering survival courses and want to be listed here for free please email us at webmaster@aussurvivalist.com and we will be happy to oblige.


Staying Alive Survival Services, PO Box 287 Laidley, QLD 4341. Email: stayalivesurvival@bigpond.com. WWW: STAYING ALIVE - home Phone: 07 5466 5584. With his extensive and impressive background in Remote Area Survival and Outdoor Training and as the Chief Instructor of the Australian Defence Force Combat Survival School and Director of Staying Alive Survival Services, Nick Vroomans is the most qualified Survival Instructor in Australia today. The knowledge and experience he has acquired in a career incorporating training with the world's most elite military forces including the United States of America's Green Berets and Australia and Britain' Special Air Service ( SAS), is now available to you. He has trained Air Force, Army and Navy servicemen and women from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, USA and Singapore. Nick is the author of Alive and Kickin', Australia's most comprehensive book on remote area survival, search and rescue. He has also authored the military survival manual and contributed to two books on survival and remote area first aid as well as drafting remote area workplace health and safety policy for Queensland Government Departments. In addition to offering comprehensive Survival Training Courses to Government Departments and Corporations, Staying Alive Survival Services offers half-day and full-day Personal Survival Courses. These courses are designed to give individuals a basic knowledge of 'survival' and 'self help' techniques in remote areas. The courses may also be tailored to the needs and interests of the participants.


High-n-Wild Mountain Adventures, 3/5 Katoomba St, Katoomba, NSW 2780. Email: info@high-n-wild.com.au. WWW: www.high-n-wild.com.au. Phone: (02) 4782 6224. Abseiling, canyoning, bush skills courses, rock climbing and mountaineering. Learn with the bush survival specialists: navigation, bush foods and medicine plants, bush cooking, fire lighting, water conservation, survival shelters, hunting & trapping, rescue signalling, survival psychology.

Adventure Guides, PO BOX 403, Katoomba, NSW 2780. Email: info@adventureguides.com.au. WWW: http://adventureguides.com.au/nav_survival.htm . Phone: (02) 4782 7722. Our staff for these programs are highly experienced ex-military patrol leaders, survival instructors & mountain guides. With training & adventuring backgrounds ranging from the jungles of Malaysia and Thailand, the arctic regions of Norway & Sweden and the deserts of Bolivia, Morocco & Tibet and liaisons with legendary survival instructors such as 'Lofty' Wiseman (of SAS Survival Manual fame) you can be assured of a breadth of experience hard to come by in Australia. Our director of training has VETAB accredited status in bushcraft & survival techniques and all our staff have formal workplace trainer assessor qualifications.

Australian School of Mountaineering,166 Katoomba Street, Katoomba, NSW 2780. Email: info@asmguides.com. WWW: http://www.asmguides.com/enter.html. Phone: (02) 4782 2014. This course is designed to give you the basic essential skills in Bush Survival and Wilderness Travel and also makes excellent preparation for our more advanced courses. This two-day course is run at our Bush Survival Base camp and will also feature an evening discussion and lectures on various survival topics. As with all ASM courses, we emphasise hands on approach when teaching survival skills, as a result there will be ample opportunity to actually practice the techniques. After this course you will have acquired a new skill set that will make you more self reliant and confident when travelling in the wilderness.


Outback Safety & Survival Course, PO Box 8486, Perth Business Centre 6849, Western Australia. Phone: (08) 9377 1767. WWW: www.calm.wa.gov.au/tourism/bushcraft_courses.html. This course is ideal for adults interested in bushwalking, bushcraft, camping, 4WD, amateur prospecting, work placement in the bush, or those travelling into the country or remote areas. The course will show you skills and demonstrate attitudes which encourage sound planning and preparation for any trip you make to the bush. If plans do go wrong, the survival skills you learn could help prevent a mishap becoming a tragedy. The chief instructor is Bob Cooper. Born and educated in Western Australia, Bob has delivered these Outback Safety and Survival courses since 1990 and is considered the leading desert survival instructor in Australia.


Australian Outdoor Training & Tours, 302 Browns Road, Fingal, VIC 3941. Email: enquiries@aott.net. WWW: http://www.aott.net/index.htm. Phone: (03) 5985 5735. Most AOTT instructors have served in the Australian Regular Army and have spent extended periods of time in the World's wilderness areas. Your instructors have completed survival, navigation, off road vehicle handling & recovery, signals and communications, instructional & leadership, abseiling & roping, caving, canoeing, and of course, first aid courses to name a few. We are expert in our field, and most importantly know how to impart the knowledge to YOU!.


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